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Permit to Work System

People and contractors working in our Port and operational areas who wish to undertake specific high-risk activities are required to submit a Permit to Work application prior to commencing work.

A”Permit to Work” document is basically a contract that specifies the work to be carried out, its location, the hazards associated with the work and the environment and the required methods of control. It is a formal way of analysing the risks associated with a task and prompting common controls so that precautionary measures are not overlooked or forgotten.

Work requiring permits includes:

  1. Hot work (heating, welding, cutting, grinding etc in a hazardous or shared workplace)
  2. Excavations/Penetrations deeper than 200mm
  3. Work at heights
  4. Water Entry Permit
  5. Crane Lift >5T
  6. Entry into any confined space

All Permit Issues – External (Port Users, Authorities & Tenants)

Port users, authorities, tenants and their contractors are required to complete and submit a Permit to Work to the relevant Port Marlborough manager/supervisor of the operational area where the work will be undertaken.

Permits to Excavate and crane lift permits will require appropriate consultation and written notification with Port Marlborough engineers, so please allow

Permits are not required within “tenanted buildings or land” providing the work undertaken cannot affect the Health & Safety of people or property outside of the tenanted area.

Please download, complete and return any permits from the links below.

Submitting a Permit to Work

Info to follow shortly.