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Port Visitor Induction

  • All visitors must enter the Port by vehicle
  • Each visiting driver must complete a Port Access Induction
  • Individual passengers do not need to undertake a visitor induction
  • Each individual visitor entering the Port must carry photo-ID
  • The induction is for the non-restricted operational areas only
  • The Visitor Port Access Induction must be completed online prior to arrival at the Port

Online Visitor Access Induction Form

Regular Port Users Induction

Every person who works in any capacity within the Port has an active and essential role in achieving a safe working environment.

  • If you are a regular Port User, and operator or a contractor, you must complete a Port User Induction, available here to complete online. Please allow 7 days for processing, and courier delivery of your port access card.

Online Port User Induction

Waikawa Marina Extension – Online Induction for Contractors

If you have been referred here as a contractor working at the Waikawa Marina extension / Waikawa North West Marina, you need to create an account in our online learning and induction platform.

Access the Port Marlborough online learning and induction platform