Shipping schedules Marinas

When entering Queen Charlotte Sound by either Northern Entrance or Tory Channel, Contact Picton Harbour Radio (VHF) on channel 18 or Phone 03 5203350

For berthage on Waitohi Wharf’s western side, vessel skippers must make contact with Picton Harbour Radio for berth availability and to obtain the correct berth position alongside the wharf.

Before arrival please advise if you will be unloading fish, the name of your company, your anticipated length of stay and contact details of someone that can be reached 24/7 should the vessel need to be moved. Vessel Details form can be downloaded for completion here, and must be forwarded to Port Services

Prior to any vessel departure from Waitohi wharf or Picton harbour, vessel skippers must make contact with Picton Harbour Radio.

For Berthage outside of Waitohi Wharf, arrangements must be made through the Picton Marina Services Manager 03 520 3399

All Port Users must complete a Port Access Induction prior to entering a Port Restricted Operational Area.

Please see here for information on all Port Marlborough Inductions: Inductions Page

A copy of the Port Rules and Safety Guidelines can be found here: Port Rules & Safety Guidelines

Waitohi Wharf is a Restricted Operational area and requires that all persons entering must wear the appropriate PPE. High visibility clothing, safety footwear and hard hats (while cranes are in operation and within the surrounding zone of ships lines)

Ladders and platforms are provided for safer access on and off vessels. These can be moved to suit the vessel/berth position. Make contact with Port Services for assistance 03 5203350. Map of services along Waitohi Wharf can be found here.

There is no pedestrian access in or out of the Port.   See here for our crewmember shuttle service procedure

Vehicles accessing Waitohi Wharf must use hazard lights and adhere to posted speed limits.

No driving or walking under ships lines.

No movement of vehicles or machinery on wharf while Lines crew are securing or letting go of ships lines.
Note: Forklifts may continue operating if inside their own isolated/coned off designated work area.All Forklift operators must have an ‘F’ endorsement anOSH certificate.

The parking of cars or service vehicles on Waitohi wharf, Punt landing or the gravel area is restricted to approved vehicles only.

The skip bin on Waitohi wharf is only available for general vessel rubbish. The Skipper is responsible for arranging the safe disposal of any oil filters or waste oil.

Any gangways or landing platforms can be stored at the Northern end of Waitohi wharf directly under the light tower and kept clear of ships lines. Storage of machinery, heavy equipment or materials must have prior approval.

Hot work permits for welding on board any vessel can be obtained direct from the Harbour master. Contact MDC phone  03 5207400

Diving Permits must have prior approval through a Permit to Work issued by Port Marlborough.

South Fuels and NPD are the approved operators to deliver fuel onto Waitohi wharf. Consent from Port Marlborough and the Harbour Master must be obtained if any other company is used to supply fuel / oil for bunkering.

Six truck & trailer units will be allowed on Waitohi wharf with a maximum of two truck & trailer units at one time from each company. (if no other company is in operation at time of unloading then up to six truck & trailer units is acceptable)

Trucks and cranes must not block access onto Waitohi Wharf.

In the instance when the Talleys ice shoot is in operation on the southern end of Waitohi and the StraitNZ ferry is in the berth. Entrance to Waitohi wharf may be limited. Make contact with the wharf co-ordinator for access information.

Yellow painted pedestrian walkways must be kept clear at all times.

The Punt Landing is a Restricted Operational Area and requires all persons working in this area to have appropriate PPE

Weight restrictions are in place on the Punt landing. All lifts requiring Hi Ab or cranes must operate outside the yellow hatched lines and concrete barriers.
Any non-routine, high risk work being undertaken must have prior approval through a Permit to Work issued by Port Marlborough.

When a Hi Ab or crane is in use the area between land side and vessel must be isolated with Cones.

Phone 111 immediately if a person is harmed or risk to life is imminent.

If ambulance is called Port Services will escort to site.

If evacuation of Waitohi Wharf is required then the assembly point is at the southern end of Waitohi wharf adjacent to the punt landing.