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Port Marlborough continues to evolve to a leading, environmentally restorative port that delivers financial, social and environmental value for Marlborough.

We operate the region’s port and marinas, and facilitate the operation and growth of some of Marlborough’s most significant industries, including recreational boating, forestry, fishing, marine farming, and domestic and international tourism, including cruise.


The port provides the South Island terminal for Cook Strait passenger and freight ferries at Picton, it operates New Zealand’s deepest export shipping berth at Waimahara Wharf in Shakespeare Bay, and a multipurpose berth at Waitohi Wharf in Picton Harbour. Picton is a busy cruise ship port and is able to accommodate the world’s largest class of cruise vessels in Shakespeare Bay.

A significant part of our operation is Marlborough Sounds Marinas – New Zealand’s largest marina operator outside of Auckland, which comprises of three marinas including Picton, Waikawa and Havelock. The marinas provide facilities including marina berths, boatsheds and secure compound parking for over 1,500 vessels.

The extension of Waikawa Marina has now begun and is on track for completion in 2022, and will provide an additional 251 berths with quick access to the Queen Charlotte Sound.

Port Marlborough has two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Waikawa Marina Trustee Limited and PMNZ Marina Holdings Limited, both of which were established to facilitate the sale of long-term berth entitlements in the Waikawa Marina Trust area in the 1990s.

We’ve embarked on a journey to evolve our more traditional infrastructure-focused port business to a designed, sustainable operation; a best-in-class specialist port.

This means realigning priorities and encouraging new thinking and behaviours to evolve as an organisation. We’ve worked with our people to develop a clear expression of what matters to us and how we think, operate, act and interact – between ourselves, with our customers, with our communities and with other stakeholders. One thing is clear to us: Port Marlborough’s legacy in our province runs deep.

Our physical, operational and economic presence in the geography and communities of Picton, Waikawa, Havelock and the wider Sounds make a real difference to environmental, social and economic outcomes for these places and their people. The port supports the success of others – our business and recreational customers, iwi, communities, industry stakeholders and our shareholder.

We recognise the beauty and importance of the Marlborough Sounds environment and the way it has supported our people, lifestyle and economy over centuries – It’s vital that we protect our unique environment to sustain future generations.

Our decisions have a far reaching, long lasting and cumulative effect – and they matter. We know that genuine success needs to be measured across environmental and social outcomes as well as financial metrics. We’re clear on what drives us, and we’re working hard to lead the way as an environmentally restorative port, driving success for Marlborough.

We’ve embraced the task of evolving our internal culture and decision making to put people, the planet and prosperity through partnerships at the heart of the thinking and actions across our team everywhere, every day.

The safety, health and wellbeing of our people and all those operating and visiting our sites comes first. We value wellbeing – Hauora – and have invested in additional skills, training and engineering solutions in pursuit of our goal of zero harm.
We’re redoubling our effort and investment for Port Marlborough’s part in protecting the future through environmental guardianship and restoration – Kaitiakitanga – because we know that aiming for minimal environmental impact isn’t enough.
Our commitment to a partnership approach, working together – Mahi Tahi – embraces all of our partnerships – with staff, customers, iwi, communities and other stakeholders. We’re reaching beyond ‘corporate citizenship’, instead striving to be a genuine community partner. We’re actively developing new and stronger relationships, communicating more openly, and specifically targeting our support for community initiatives to those aligned with our values.
And overall, we seek to act with integrity – Pono – in everything we do, delivering excellence – Kairangatira – to our customers and excellent economic outcomes for our Shareholder and the region.

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Rhys Welbourn
Chief Executive

I ensure we have a clarity of purpose and are all working together to achieve the same vision; balancing decisions and outcomes in terms of people, planet and prosperity. The most important thing I can do is support and enable our people, our customers and our community in their efforts.

Dean Craighead
Chief Financial Officer

My focus is on optimising profitability and development opportunities, making sure we can continue investment in our assets and people to support future growth. My team delivers the company’s financial business services. Our move towards integrated reporting across community, environmental and financial outcomes sits well with me.

Gavin Beattie
Infrastructure Manager

I lead our engineering and workshop team to proactively develop and maintain our port and marina infrastructure. Our goals include long term resilience, innovation to continually improve environmental performance of our operations, and designing safety and sustainable outcomes into everything we do. I support my team to learn and develop their skills and knowledge.

Rose Prendeville
Capabilities Manager

Our work is about making sure we have the right cross-organisational capabilities to achieve our goals
now and in the future. This includes forward planning for people, HSEQ systems, RMA planning, and risk. Most importantly we’re concentrating on developing a genuine sustainability mind-set that underpins planning and practice across the business.

Ryan Lock
Port Manager

My team delivers professional pilotage, towage and land-based services so our on port customers can go about their business safely, and add value. We manage maritime safety and security, border and biosecurity across the port in close cooperation with regulators. I’m heavily engaged in making sure we’re prepared to meet the continually growing and changing needs of our customers.

Anouk Euzeby
Commercial Manager

Meeting customer needs in a win-win way is the priority for me and my team. We provide facilities and services
to support our customers’ business success. Our marinas team works hard to help our recreational boating customers enjoy their boating in the Marlborough Sounds. We appreciate connecting directly with the community through sponsorships that fit with our values.

Anthony Burgess
Health & Safety Manager

Anthony leads our team to support the organisation’s commitment to providing a health and safe working environment for all employees, customers, contractors and visitors to our workplace. In everything we do, we prioritise the Port Marlborough core value of Hauora – we work together to sustain what keeps us healthy.