Shipping schedules Marlborough Sounds Marinas
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2 Health & Safety
3 Who is this Induction for?
4 Visitors
5 Arrival on site
6 Security
7 Port Map
8 Traffic Rules
9 Lagoon Road Risks
10 Westshore Risks
11 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
12 Port Services Centre (PSC)
13 Almost Done...
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  • Awareness and observance of Port Marlborough's Health & Safety rules is an important part of your visit to our facility. Please ensure:

    1. You enter your details in the form fields below.
    2. Read the subsequent Health & Safety information carefully in sections 2 to 12.
    3. Answer three questions related to the Health & Safety information in section 13: Almost Done...

    Upon successful completion of these three areas of the induction you will be invited to submit your Port Access request. You will receive a Visitor Pass shortly after with the specific details of your visit.

    Note: This Induction is designed to be completed on Desktop Computers, Tablet or Smartphones but Desktop Computers are recommended for viewing because of the nature of the content.

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  • Note: If you're completing this induction for immediate port access, please set the date/time to 15 minutes from now. This will give you time to complete the induction process.