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Port Marlborough Sounds Discovery Fund



A Port Marlborough sponsorship too good for primary schools to miss

The launch of the Port Marlborough Sounds Discovery Fund will give primary school age children the opportunity to get out of the class room and sail on board a traditional sailing ship around the Queen Charlotte Sound.
Port Marlborough is sponsoring up to 10 school classes a year in the region to take part in a full day aboard the picturesque Gaff-Rigged Pilot Cutter, the “Steadfast”, skippered by local D’Urville Island resident Lawrence Etheridge.
The programme called ‘Voyage of Discovery’, has become well known amongst schools. It was developed by the University of Otago’s Marine Studies Centre Educator, Richard de Hamel, who has been directing the program for the past eight years.
“The students find out and experience for themselves what is above, on, in, and on the bottom of the Sounds.  This is their backyard, they should know what makes it tick” de Hamel said.
‘Voyage of Discovery’ shows students the ropes on the 18m vessel where they learn to navigate, steer, sample plankton, identify seabirds and dolphins, measure the speed and depth using traditional methods, and see what is happening on the bottom of the ocean using an underwater video camera.

Schools will be able to apply for the sponsorship which will fund up to ten trips per year. Applications for 2018 must be received prior to October 1st by contacting Connie Smith at Port Marlborough