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No1LA – Maintenance Works

The Maintenance Programme for Number One Long Arm (No1LA) has now begun, and includes important work to strengthen the areas of the wharf that bear the main loading during ferry operations.

Piles and Bracings

Preparations began yesterday with the mobilisation of the crane onto a barge at Shakespeare Bay, however the main work which includes the addition of eight new piles alongside the wharf and reinforcing with extra bracings, will begin next week.

This work will be done from a construction barge using vibro and hammer piling methods.  This method was used previously at the Westshore Jetty. Environmental considerations include the use of bubble curtains to reduce underwater noise and we have trained marine mammal monitors onboard the barge, ensuring all works stop if marine mammals are sighted in the harbour area.

This maintenance programme is necessary to keep No1LA running smoothly for Interislander operations.

For boaties in the harbour, the Harbourmaster will set up a navigational exclusion zone for the work area. A

Works begin to strengthen Number One Long Arm Wharf

Number One Long Arm Wharf

navigation warning will also be issued by the Harbourmaster and through Picton Harbour Radio to keep marine traffic informed and guided during the works.

Our property and marinas teams have been in touch with our berth holders on Jetty B and businesses at Westshore, to let them know of the works.  The maintenance work is scheduled to be completed by late June, with operations running daily from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The project team is committed to making these necessary improvements efficiently and with minimal disruption to activities, keeping things safe for our port users. Please contact us if you have any queries.

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