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Port Marlborough continues to offer its support to help EcoWorld Aquarium vacate its port premises, including the rehoming of its animals.

The Port also understands that animal welfare experts have offered their support to help rehome EcoWorld’s animals and hopes the aquarium will consider that offer.

“Port Marlborough has acted in good faith in our dealings with EcoWorld and acknowledge that this is a difficult time for them. Hence our offers of support and a rent-free extension of the lease to provide additional time for them to vacate the site. EcoWorld has rejected these offers, including our previous requests to consult with them directly in accordance with the lease.” Chief Executive Rhys Welbourn says.

“At no time have we ordered EcoWorld to demolish the buildings. EcoWorld agreed to lease bare land and to also remove its buildings at the end of the lease. Port Marlborough was willing to release EcoWorld from this obligation, at Port Marlborough’s cost, but, again, that offer was rejected. ”

“The future for the animals is a decision for EcoWorld, but we are working with the Zoo and Aquarium Association Australasia (ZAA) to assist with solutions for the rehoming or release of the animals where required.

Following the expiry of the lease, it is important for us to consider other uses for the land that deliver better cultural, environmental and economic benefits for the regional and the community as a whole. We will be working with our community and mana whenua to identify options for the future,” Mr Welbourn says.

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Contacts: Connie Smith – Communications Manager

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