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Awareness and observance of Port Marlborough's Health & Safety rules is an important part of your visit to our facility. Please ensure:

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  • 2. Read the subsequent Health & Safety information carefully in sections 2 to 12.
  • 3. Answer three questions related to the Health & Safety information in section 13: Almost Done...

Upon successful completion of these three areas of the induction you will be invited to submit your Port Access request. You will receive a Visitor Pass shortly after with the specific details of your visit.

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2. Health & Safety

Port Marlborough
  • At Port Marlborough, we are committed to providing a safe environment for all who visit or work on our site.
  • The Port is not a public area and only those whose work place it is, or have been authorised to visit, may do so.
  • Visitors entering the Port must have completed a Port Access Health & Safety induction (or be escorted in).


3. Who is this Induction for?

This Health & Safety Induction is designed for visitors requiring access to the Port:

  • All visitors must enter the Port by vehicle.  
  • Each visiting driver must complete a Port Access Induction.
  • Individual passengers do not need to undertake a visitor induction.
  • Each visiting driver is responsible for the Health and Safety of his/her passengers.
  • The induction is for the non-restricted operational areas only (see map).

A supplementary Port User induction is required for:

  • Port users.
  • Port tenants and their employees.
  • Contractors commissioned by PMNZ.
  • Visitors needing access to Restricted Operational Areas (see map).


4. Visitors

The following are not permitted in the Port area:

  • Children under the age of 15 years.
  • Animals, other than government operational dogs or personal assistance dogs.
  • Firearms.
  • Pedestrian access.

Visitors to the Port must attend strictly to the purpose for which they have entered the Port, and may not access any other areas of the Port either by vehicle or on foot, unless accompanied at all times by a Port User.

Any person breaching these rules will be either denied access or removed from Port property.


5. Arrival on Site

At the entrance of the Port, visitors are required to:

  • Drive on the visitor lane.
  • Stop at the intercom.
  • Bring their printed Temporary Port Access Card.
  • Carry a photo ID to gain access (eg a driver’s licence, a valid passport or a NZ firearm’s license).
    • Ensure that thier passengers carry a photo ID.

Arrival on site at Port Marlborough


6. Security

  • Port Security is in accordance with the International Maritime Organisation and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code).
  • Random searches of vehicles are performed routinely. Please pull into vehicle inspection lane and follow security staff instructions if asked to do so.
  • Any person found to be attempting to pervert security measures or tamper with security equipment such as cameras, automatic gates etc.. may be banned from site permanently.


7. Port Map

Please note this induction allows access to the areas indicated on the map below by the GREEN arrows, and not Port Marlborough Operational areas.

Port Map

8. Traffic Rules

  • Lagoon & Westshore roads are the main arterial routes within the Port.
  • Stay on the designated roadways and park in the designated parking areas.
  • Go directly to the office of whom you are visiting.
  • Please keep within the posted speed limit of 30kph.
  • Do not talk or text on cell phones while driving.

Port Marlborough has a 3 strikes policy and reserves the right to deny access to anyone that does not comply with the above requirements


9. Lagoon Road Risks

Lagoon Road risks


10. Westshore Risks

Westshore Risks


11. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Minimum requirements on operational sites:
  • High Visibility Vest – compulsory in all operational areas (exceptions: offices, amenities building; workshops).
  • Steel-capped Boots – compulsory in all operational areas.
  • Hard Hats – compulsory in vicinity of cranes/hiabs.
  • Safety Glasses/Eye wear – compulsory where there is a risk of eye injury from a task.
  • Hearing Protection – compulsory where there is a risk of loss of hearing from a task.
  • Sun Protection – required where there is a risk to exposure from the sun.


12. Port Services Centre (PSC)

Port Services

Emergency Contacts:

  • Call Port Services 03 520 3350 for:
    • Any assistance.
    • First Aid.
    • Defibrillator.
  • Notify Port Services immediately if there is any incident – this includes injury, property damage and near hits.
  • Notify Port Services if you identify a new hazard which needs controls.
  • Notify Port Services if you have an incident or spill where hazardous substances are involved.


13. Almost Done...

The following three questions are based on the information provided in section 2 to 12 of this Induction. If you're not sure of the answer you can refer to the Health & Safety information pages via the menu.

What is the maximum speed limit on Westshore Road? Please choose one answer:

This Port access induction allows me:

Are passengers required to have a Port Access Health & Safety induction?


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Important: Please ensure you have filled in all the required fields in section 1: Start and answered the questions correctly in section 13: Almost Done...

I have read and understood the Health & Safety information detailed in sections 2 to 12 of this induction:

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